6 Benefits Of Car Tint

benefits of car tint

Tinting your car is an easy decision to make, it is usually done for privacy reasons or the fact it makes your car look better (in our opinion). But did you know that there are several other benefits of having tint put on your car. Here are the top 6 reasons why you should get window tinting.

Better driving conditions and increased road safety

Everyone knows that driving with the sun glaring into your eyes is annoying but it is also dangerous and can lead to accidents. Car window tint will shield your eyes and prevent glare from the sun. Thus by installing car tints you are reducing the chances of a car accident due to the brightness and blinding of the sun. Car tints also provide an extra level of safety in the event of an accident as they prevent windows from completely shattering, by holding most of the glass together it prevents injury from shattered glass.

Privacy & Security

Privacy is the number one reason why people choose to get their cars tinted. It stops people from peering into your car and protects your things when you park it. Tints will make it hard for a thief as they can’t see into the car and it will be difficult to smash a window with tint on it.

Enhances Appearance

Installing tints on your vehicle improves the look of your car, giving it a classier more distinguished look. You can choose from a range of shades to suit your taste and needs.

Keeping Cool in Summer Months

With high quality ceramic window tint, you can drastically reduce the heat inside your car in the summer months by up to 60%. A cool interior in summer months provides more comfort and a better driving experience, also reducing the usage of air conditioning.

Staying Healthy & Protecting Your Skin

Direct exposure from the sunlight and UV rays can be harmful to our health and potentially cause skin cancer when exposed over a long period of time. Car side windows reportedly only block 71% of UV rays, thus exposing you to a lot of UV rays during a long drive in the sun. Protect your skin, get car tints.

Upholstery Protection & Prevents Fading

The heat and UV rays from the hot summer sun will rapidly deteriorate the interior of your car if exposed. Meaning you will need to spend more money to get it fixed. Car tints block approximately 90% of UV rays whilst significantly reducing heat. By installing car tints you are protecting your interior from deterioration.

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