Are Tinted Windows Illegal In The UK?

are tinted windows illegal

Did you know that the UK is serious when it comes to window tints? Here is everything that you need to know about the UK’s laws on window tinting. If you want window tints that comply with the law then contact Prestige Window Tints Bolton.

What is the window tinting law?

The UK tinting law is dependent on when the vehicle was first manufactured. If the vehicle was first used after April 1 1985 then the windscreen should let 75% of light through and the front side windows should let at least 70% of light through. But, if the car was first used before April 1, 1985, the front windscreen and front side windows must both let at least 70% of light through. The rear windscreen and rear side windows can be tinted as dark as you like.

Why are there window tinting laws?

Why should there be window tinting laws, it’s your car after all. Well, the reason behind this law is that dark window tints on front windows can restrict visibility of the driver in poor light such as at night. Meaning you will see less than you would out of a window without window tint. 

The darker the tint the more it will impact the vision of the driver, thus increasing the chance of accidents. This law is increasingly being enforced by the Police and by VOSA, who carry measuring equipment to check how much light can pass through a tinted window.

It is illegal to fit or sell glass that doesn’t comply with the law. Even businesses who just fit tint on the owners request are also liable by this law, not just the driver/ owner of the car.

What is the penalty for dark window tints?

If your front windscreen or front side windows are tested and found to be too heavily tinted and don’t let enough light through, then you are committing an offence and the police will issue you an endorsable fixed penalty notice. Meaning your license will be endorsed with 3 points, plus a fine.

The biggest risk is when driving at night. Heavily tinted front windows can be used as additional evidence towards a charge of careless or dangerous driving, thus increasing penalties. 

I think my window tints are too dark, what should I do?

If you have bought a second hand car and you think the windows are too heavily tinted you should; 

  1. Have it removed and replaced by a reputable window tinting company.
  2. Take it to a window tinting company or MOT test centre and get a second opinion.

Don’t let this put you off window tints, window tints are great and have many benefits, check out our article on the benefits of window tints.

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