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Heat Blocking Car Window Film Bolton

Not all heat blocking window tints are created equal. Some are higher quality and last decades, while others do not. We recommend our professional grade ceramic window tints because it blocks out the heat the best which is produced by infrared and light.

Our heat blocking window film will help to prevent your interior upholstery from fading and cracking. Our premium heat blocking window tints will outperform any dyed tints no matter what shade it is.

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Heat blocking tint is a car window tinting film that  controls the temperature in your car. However, this heat blocking film has many more benefits than just blocking the heat. It also blocks the harmful UV rays, reduces glare, and prevents heat loss in the winter. Heat blocking film rejects the heat from the sun preventing it from heating up your car to an unbearable level in summer. This means that your vehicle stays pleasantly cool even when it’s parked outside in the sun. 

Heat blocking car window film is very efficient at reducing glare which can distract you while driving and make it difficult to drive in the sun. Higher quality films can reduce up to 80% of glare allowing you to keep your eyes on the road and drive safer. Another benefit of heat blocking tint is that it reduces heat loss in the winter. It aids in the prevention of heat from leaving the car thus keeping the car warmer. Higher-quality films tend to be more expensive albeit they provide the best protection from heat.

Glare is a familiar problem that irritates all drivers as it prevents them from focusing on the road and makes driving difficult. Heat blocking tint reduces glare and makes it easier to focus on your driving. By blocking the UV rays, the heat blocking tint will also protects your leather and cloth seats from fading. 

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