Tint Shade Percentages

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Tint Shade Percentages Bolton

Here at Prestige Window Tints Bolton we can install a large range of different tints with a selection of shades. The most common tints range from 30% to 5%.

Choosing the right tint for your vehicle


For complete privacy and  security choose our 5% limo tint. This shade of car window tint can only be applied to the back and rear windows. This is also a great choice for caravans, motorhomes and campervans for ultimate privacy, without the use of blinds/ curtains.

20% TINT

At a 20% tint you’ll still benefit from reduced glare and increase privacy & security, without completely blocking vision into your vehicle. Again, this shade of window tint can be only used on the back and rear windows in the UK.

70% TINT

This is the darkest tint available for front and passenger windows by law in the UK, 70% tint helps to reduce glare and heat from the sun, whilst giving your vehicle a stylish look.

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Windshield must have over 75% light transmission.

Front side windows must have at least 30% VLT.

All windows behind driver can have any tint darkness.

Windshield Front windshield of a vehicle must have over 75% VLT, meaning it must pass through more than 75% of light through the glass.

Front side windows Side windows next to driver must have at least 70% VLT, therefore these windows must not block more than 30% of total light.

Back side windows Any windows to the back of the driver can have any level of window it. There are no UK laws restricting any level of darkness on these windows. Rear window (back windshield) Like back side windows, United Kingdom laws do not restrict level of darkness on rear windshield. Any level of window tint is legally permitted.

There are many reasons you should tint your car windows. The darkness of the windows increases privacy by obscuring vision into your vehicle, this also adds security as it is harder for people to see into your vehicle which will prevent breakins. 

Car window tints also keep your car cooler on a hot summers day.

There are other benefits associated with tinting your car windows as well such as increase security. Windows with applied tint are stronger and harder to break. Additionally, if you happen to be in an accident, the tint will keep the shattered glass together thus protecting you.

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