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Commercial Window Tinting Bolton

Not only do we offer car window tinting. Our team at Prestige Window Tints Bolton are experts at commercial window tinting too! Commercial window tinting is great for cooling your workspace (which is better for your employees), adding privacy to certain rooms and extra security from unwanted visitors. 

Window tinting your office or workspace is greatly beneficial if you use air conditioning as tints will keep your office cooler keeping your running costs lower.

Its simple to get a commercial tinting quote for your office or workspace, simply ring 0800 612 4811 or complete the enquiry form on this page and we will contact you shortly.

We pride ourselves in the Great customer service, quality finish and over 30 years of experience.

Office Window Tinting Bolton

We can apply various tints to places throughout your office or workspace:

  • Frosted
  • Strong security tints
  • Dark privacy tints
  • Reflective/ mirrored tint
  • Solar window film
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For more information call us on - 0800 612 4811 or fill out the form below.
For more information, call us at 0800 612 4811 or fill out the form below.

Benefits Of Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial Window films have numerous benefits, including, but not limited to, 

  • Increased comfort for occupants by reducing solar heat and glare.
  • Lower energy costs by reducing the need for heating & air-conditioning systems.
  • Improved safety and security by making glass shatter-resistant.
  • Privacy, decorative branding and manifestation compliance.
  • Updates building appearance without changing the overall exterior appearance.

Create A Cooler, Better Working Environment

During hotter months working near a window can become unbearable as windows magnify the suns heat, bringing your teams productivity down. 

Commerical window tinting is a cost effective way of keep employees cooler, happier and more productive during hotter months. 

Increased Privacy

Adding tint to your windows makes it more difficult for people outside the building to see into your office.

With tinted windows and the use of reflective window film, most of the light hitting the glass will bounce back, creating a mirrorlike effect, making it difficult to see inside your office or workspace.

Fit out your board room with one way film to ensure meetings and discussions can happen privately away from the rest of the team.

Privacy is often an issue for those working in a busy town/ city who don’t want strangers overlooking into their workplace.  Privacy window film delivers the same results as privacy glass at a lower cost. The most important reason for offices choosing commercial window tint is to maintain privacy and make it difficult for people to see into their office.

Save Money On Bills!

Another major benefit of commerical window tinting, the right window film will help you save money on your energy bills.

In the heat of the summer, tinted windows will reject the sun’s heat, reducing the amount of cooling needed from your air conditioning unit to achieve indoor comfort within your office or workspace.

Reduce Glare

Have you ever been working on your computer on a sunny day only to find it hard to see the screen?

The glare of the sun’s rays on electronic devices can make it difficult to complete work whilst you squint at your computer screen. A great alternative to blinds that block out the light is window tints.

With tinted window films you can enjoy reduced glare without having to shut the light out completely.

Reducing glare onto your screens also helps to protect your expensive electronics from damage, and extend their life.