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We are a leading window film supply and installation company, offering you convenient, professional solutions In Chorley. With quality products, flawless application and a focus on service, we make sure every customer enjoys a straightforward journey towards better windows. Please visit our FAQs page or scroll down for the answer to all common queries and make sure to look at our range of window films to help you select a window film.

We provide a range of window films such as;

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Privacy Window Film Chorley

Protecting personal privacy is a huge priority for many people nowadays (particularly in Chorley) and nowhere is that more important than in your own home. Technology has advanced at a rapid rate in recent years and it’s now next to impossible to do simple day-to-day activities without being tracked and recorded, and social media has made it easier than ever to find out what you’ve been up to recently. If you’d like to ensure that your home truly is a refuge from the busy and often intrusive world around you, privacy window films might be just the solution you’ve been looking for. 

Never heard of them? That’s what a lot of our customers said when they first contacted us and now they can’t imagine living without them.

Prestige Window Tints & Film has the knowledge and experience to help you decide on the perfect film for you. Call now 0800 612 4811 to setup an appointment!

Privacy Window Film
Inside Looking Out
Outside Looking In

From the moment they are installed, privacy window films fitted by the team of experts at Prestige Window Tints & Film will provide you with the following benefits:

Greater Personal Privacy – It goes without saying that privacy window films will ensure you enjoy greater privacy when at home. You’ll be able to sprawl out on the couch or enjoy a hot bath without the fear of prying eyes of passers-by peering through the window and seeing you. You choose what you want people to see and what you don’t want them to see. How? Privacy window films make it impossible to see into the interior of your home from the outside. But the great thing is that you still retain a perfect view of the exterior of your Chorley home. They can be installed at business premises too.

Add Another Layer of Security – The advantage of privacy window films is that they don’t just protect your personal privacy. They also add another layer of security to your property and make it harder for criminals to plan a potential burglary. Prior to most burglaries taking place, the property is usually “checked out”. Would-be burglars wait until you’ve gone out so they can peer into the property to see if there’s anything worth stealing and to check for potential entry points. Privacy window films prevent them from doing this, as they won’t be able to see anything at all from the exterior.

Frosted Window Film Chorley

Our premium quality frosted window film is designed to solve a number of problems commonly encountered in residential properties across Chorley. Privacy concerns, damage to furniture caused by ultraviolet light and unwanted glare on television screens and monitors are just a few of the issues that frosted window film can solve quickly and easily. We are most often asked to install it in bathrooms, for which it is ideal, but any room where you have encountered any of the above-mentioned problems can be improved by the installation of our high-quality frosted window film. If you are not sure whether it is the best choice for your property, please feel free to call and discuss your requirements with a member of our team at any time.

Call Prestige Window Tints & Film on 0800 612 4811 to discuss your frosted window film.

Frosted Window Film in Chorley, Installed by Experienced Specialists

Should you decide to choose us to install your frosted window film, our team of experienced specialists will make sure that it is applied to your windows with absolutely no creases or bubbles. We have successfully completed hundreds of installations in commercial and residential properties and have a record of achievement that is unrivalled in the industry. Wherever you are located in Chorley, we can come to your property, measure your windows, provide you with a free quotation and, if you wish to proceed, install your frosted film at a time that is convenient for you.

Mirrored Window Film Chorley

Our mirrored window films in Chorley are the best you will find anywhere in the United Kingdom today. They are manufactured from premium materials and guaranteed to block up to 85% of the heat and glare from the sun. They’re also very easy to maintain in pristine condition. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that so many local homeowners and businesses choose Prestige Window Tints & Film to supply and install the mirrored window films they require. If you would like to find out more about our mirrored film and what it can do for your property, please call and speak to us now, or leave a message for us if it’s outside of business hours.

Prestige Window Tints & Film has over 20 years experience with a wealth of knowledge and a large collection of window films  we are sure to have the right window film for you and your needs. All consultations, quotations and questions are free so call now 0800 612 4811 to setup an appointment! 

  • The heat and glare reduction properties of our mirrored films are an added bonus to our clients: the main attraction of our high-quality mirrored window film is the privacy it provides. Once it is installed, passers-by will no longer be able to see into your property, while you are still able to enjoy an unobstructed view of the street or local countryside from your windows. Unlike blinds or curtains, our film will not stop natural light from entering your property either, which means you’ll be able to enjoy complete privacy without having to live in gloomy, poorly lit rooms.

One-Way Mirrored Window Film

Security Window Film Chorley

Glass surfaces, particularly windows and doors, are vulnerable to damage. These areas are considered the weak points of most properties. Leaving them unprotected puts you and other occupants at risk of natural disasters and criminal activities.

Prestige Window Tints & Film carries a range of window film, including high-performance security film. We’ve extended our installation services to Chorley help property owners reinforce their glass entryways. As experienced installers, we understand the importance of window film in ensuring the safety and security of your property.

Learn more about our versatile product and decide for yourself if your space will benefit from its installation.

Prestige Window Tints & Film can help you decide whether security window film is right for you, Call 0800 612 4811 to discuss.

Security window film is made of high-performance polyester materials that give it tensile strength. This improves the glass surface’s structural integrity because the film protects it from stress. When extreme force is applied on the glass, the film absorbs the shock and distributes it throughout the surface. This prevents the glass from breaking too easily under pressure. When the glass does shatter, the film keeps the shards together to prevent them from scattering across the floor. This results in an easier and safer clean-up.

security window film

Solar Window Film Chorley

Window blinds, drapes and curtains are the traditional solutions that enhance a home’s shade and privacy. However, they also come with hazards and maintenance issues. With a solar window film, your property has all the benefits of conventional window solutions without these problems.

Prestige Window Tints & Film is one of the UK’s most trusted window film providers and installation experts. For over 20 years, our firm has serviced countless windows in both commercial and residential buildings.

By choosing our team, you can make sure that your property gets its much-needed shade and privacy.

Looking to cool your home with solar window film? Or cool your office with solar window film? Prestige Window Tints & Film has the knowledge and experience to help you decide on the perfect film for you. Call now 0800 612 4811 to setup an appointment!

Installing solar window films have a lot of benefits for your property, beyond the shade and privacy. Here are some of them:

    • Energy efficiency. Solar window films moderate light and heat in the room, keeping your space cool during summer and warm during winter. It helps you saves energy on cooling and heating, and lets you leave the lights off as long as there is natural light.
    • Improved privacy. Window films conceal your property’s interior from the street without obstructing your view of the outdoors.
    • Protection against sun damage. Exposure to UV rays can lead to skin cancer and it also damages furniture. Since solar window films have filtration capabilities, UV rays do not enter your space along with natural light.
    • Decorative edge. Window films add a clean, stylish and modern look to your property, potentially improving its value.
solar window film

Conservatory Window Tinting Chorley

Why should you install window film for your conservatory?

Solar window film is ideal for any clear surface. Since conservatories are either made with glass or polycarbonate, this laminate can further enhance their functionality. Window films for conservatories can drastically reduce heat, glare and UV damage. The window films we use reduce heat and glare by up to 80% making your conservatory a pleasant place in the summer. Prestige Window Tints & Film has installation services for conservatories located in Chorley. Our window film is made with high-quality material that will improve your conservatory’s aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.

Prestige Window Tints & Film has the knowledge and experience to help you decide on the perfect tint film for you and your conservatory. Call now 0800 612 4811 to discuss your options.

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How Window Film Can Help Your Chorley Conservatory

Conservatories are smart investment choices for homeowners. This structure gives you more living space at a lower cost than moving to a new house. Enhancing it makes it more liveable for you and your family. Solar window film, specifically one made for conservatories, provides you with a decorative yet functional modification. This versatile laminate will address issues you might have with your conservatory.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider installing window film:

  1. The clear and unobstructed view to the outdoors your conservatory gives you is also the reason it becomes uncomfortably hot on summer days.
  2. Installing blinds, although effective in providing shade, completely blocks out the sunlight. When they’re installed on the roof, the blinds can block your ventilation system.
  3. Blinds and curtains are difficult and costly to maintain. Regularly, blinds need dusting and curtains need washing.
  4. Some homeowners go to the extremes and have their conservatory’s roof replaced. This defeats the purpose of the structure as it’s supposed to serve as your home’s sunroom.
  5. Regular glass and polycarbonate are more prone to damage. In severe weather, the wind pressure or fallen branches can easily crack or shatter the material.

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