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Window Film Leyland

We are a leading window film supply and installation company, offering you convenient, professional solutions In Leyland. With quality products, flawless application and a focus on service, we make sure every customer enjoys a straightforward journey towards better windows. Nearby to Preston, check out Window Film In Preston here for our services.

We provide a range of window films such as;

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Privacy Window Film Leyland

How can you improve your privacy with your glass windows? The answer is simple: window film. Privacy In Leyland is no different to privacy elsewhere, privacy film is popular in Chorley, check out Window Film In Chorley for our range of films.

Prestige Window Tints is a reliable window film supplier and installer. Our services cover residential and commercial properties in Leyland. We carry high-quality privacy window film that effectively obstructs the view of outsiders while giving you full, clear view of the outside.

Made with high-performance polyethene terephthalate, window film improves the surface’s structural integrity. Regular glass will break under pressure. When reinforced with a laminate, the film absorbs shock and distributes it throughout. This prevents the glass from cracking and shattering easily.

Prestige Window Tints has the knowledge and experience to help you decide on the perfect film for you. Call now 0800 612 4811 to setup an appointment!

One-Way Privacy Window Film
Inside Looking Out
Outside Looking In
    • Enhanced Privacy

      • Privacy film comes in different designs and it ranges in opaqueness. But, all of them effectively give your property more privacy without hampering your ability to look outside.


      • Our basic privacy window film creates a two-way mirror effect on your glass surfaces.
      • This film effectively prevents outsiders from looking into your window while still giving you full visibility of the outside.

      Frosted Translucent Finishes

      • Our frosted finish gives your space shade from the sun’s glare.
      • This film is ideal for bathroom windows as it obscures visibility from both sides of the glass.

      Blackout Window Films

      • Our blackout window film ensures zero visibility from the outside.
      • Acting much like a tint, this film mutes the amount of sunlight and glare that enter your room.

      Improved Safety

      • High-performance window film prevents the glass from easily breaking. When the fragile material underneath cracks or shatters, the film will keep it together until you replace it. This prevents any glass shards from falling and causing injuries. Additionally, it protects your windows from trespassers and vandals. The difficulty in breaking the glass can either discourage them or you can use it as a distraction as you contact the authorities.

      Reduced Costs

      • Window film has insulation properties that will help you reduce your utility costs in the long term. Our privacy window film prevents excessive heat from entering your home. Moreover, it retains internal heat which is advantageous during winter. These help you rely less on your HVAC system which can prolong its life span.

Frosted Window Film Leyland

The glass windows on your property hold a lot of potential. Sure, they look beautiful when clean but they can do better in terms of enhancing the aesthetic appeal and privacy of your home or business establishment. Elevate the windows of your property with a cost-effective material.

Prestige Window Tints has the window solution you need. We offer low-cost frosted window films to residential and commercial properties in Leyland and surrounding areas. Our frosted films can be fitted on any glass surfaces. We can also customise your laminate with your preferred graphics, giving your property an expensive feel without paying an expensive price.

Call Prestige Window Tints on 0800 612 4811 to discuss your frosted window film.

We can customise your frosted window film with the graphics you prefer. Simply provide a high-resolution copy of the image and we will reproduce it on the laminate. We have no specific requirements on the design.

Our laminates can be fitted on exterior and interior glass surfaces. You can use them on your garden shed, on retail glass windows or on the partitions in your office space. They are also great for kitchens, bathrooms and doors, as they obscure the view on both sides of the panel.

Mirrored Window Film Leyland

If you find that certain areas of your home or business get too hot in the summer or that the rays from the sun are slowly bleaching your carpets and furnishings, you may want to consider having Mirrored film installed on the interior of your windows. We specialise in the supply and installation of high-quality Mirrored window film in Leyland, serving residential and commercial customers across the county, and would be more than happy to provide you with a no-obligation quotation for your property.

Prestige Window Tints has over 30 years experience with a wealth of knowledge and a large collection of window films  we are sure to have the right window film for you and your needs. All consultations, quotations and questions are free so call now 0800 612 4811 to setup an appointment! 

  • In addition to preventing the sun from fading your furnishings by blocking 99% of ultraviolet rays, our high-quality laminate mirrored film offers a number of other important benefits:

    • Improved Insulation – A window fitted with our Mirrored film will block up to 80% of heat that would normally come into your room from outside. It will also help you to retain around 33% of the heat inside your home during the winter months.
    • Reduced Glare on TV Screens and Monitors – Windows fitted with mirrored film cut glare on television screens and computer monitors by as much as 75%.
    • Greater Privacy – With tinted mirrored film, it will not be possible for passers-by to see inside your Leyland home or business property.
One-Way Mirrored Window Film

Security Window Film Leyland

There are many ways in which you can make your property more secure but one of the most effective and least expensive ways is by installing our top quality security window film. Designed to absorb shocks and hold broken glass together so that it does not shatter, our laminate window films offer an extremely affordable way to significantly improve the security of all types of commercial and residential properties in Leyland. If you would like to talk to one of our experts about installing our film and obtain a firm price covering both supply and installation, please feel free to call and arrange for us to visit your home or business whenever you have some time to spare.

Prestige Window Tints can help you decide whether security window film is right for you, Call 0800 612 4811 to discuss.

  • There are many reasons that people choose to install our window film in their Leyland properties but those listed below are the most commonly cited:

    Safety – Because our laminate film is coated with an adhesive on one side that bonds to the glass in your windows, it will prevent them from shattering into pieces if they are accidentally broken.

    Security – A window that will not shatter needs to be forced into a property by burglars who wish to gain entry, which requires more effort and results in more noise than breaking an untreated window.

    Cost – Compared to metal bars, grilles or shutters, our security window film in Leyland is very cost-effective.

    Aesthetics – Once installed, our security window film is almost undetectable. Unlike bars or grilles, it will not alter the appearance of your property.

security window film

Solar Window Film Leyland

At Prestige Window Tints we install premium solar window films for residential customers throughout Leyland. We have more than 20 years’ experience installing all manner of window film for residential and commercial clients. In that time we’ve earned a reputation for quality work at competitive prices.


Our installation teams are the best in the business when it comes to solar window films in Leyland. They install your solar window films quickly and properly with little disruption to your daily routine. If you are searching for a way to save money while enhancing the value of your home at the same time, solar window films are the affordable, common-sense choice.

 Looking to cool your home with solar window film? Or cool your office with solar office window film? Prestige Window Tints has the knowledge and experience to help you decide on the perfect film for you. Call now 0800 612 4811 to setup an appointment!
  • Solar window films provide a plethora of benefits for your Leyland home, including:

    Solar Insulation – Our solar window films are capable of blocking more than 80% of solar heat. During the winter months, they work in concert with your double pane windows to retain a greater amount of heat inside where it’s needed.

    Reduced Energy Bills – Heat spikes in the summer can put a terrible strain on the cooling system and add mightily to your energy bills. By eliminating these heat events you use the fans or air conditioner less and save money.

    Protection for Your Valuables – UV rays from the sun can turn a valuable Persian rug into a virtually worthless garage sale item. Solar window films can prevent this from happening.

    Solar window films in Leyland are the affordable way to make your home more energy-efficient, safe and comfortable.

solar window film

Conservatory Window Films Leyland

Our conservatory window film is designed to be both highly effective at taming the heat of the sun’s rays and aesthetically pleasing too. If you would like to spend more time in your Leyland conservatory but you find it gets too hot when the sun is out, our window film will block up to 80% of incoming heat, keeping you comfortably cool even on the hottest days of the year. As an added benefit, it will also block around 99% of UV rays, protecting furnishings that would otherwise fade over time due to exposure to sunlight. It will do all this without obscuring your view of the garden and, unlike blinds or curtains, it will not spoil the appearance of your conservatory.

Prestige Window Tints has the knowledge and experience to help you decide on the perfect tint film for you and your conservatory. Call now 0800 612 4811 to discuss your options.

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How Window Film Can Help Your Leyland Conservatory

An Inexpensive Enhancement for Your Conservatory

If you were to replace all of the glass in your conservatory with tinted panes that were designed to block the sun’s rays, it would cost you a small fortune. However, if you opt for our high-quality conservatory window film in Leyland, you can improve your conservatory for a relatively small outlay. In addition to blocking the heat and UV rays from the sun, our window film will insulate your conservatory in the winter months, stopping around 33% of the heat from escaping through the glass. It will also make your conservatory a safer place for the whole family as it will prevent broken panes from shattering into a thousand pieces.

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