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We are a leading window film supply and installation company, offering you convenient, professional solutions In Rochdale. With quality products, flawless application and a focus on service, we make sure every customer enjoys a straightforward journey towards better windows. Please visit our FAQs page or scroll down for the answer to all common queries and make sure to look at our range of window films to help you select a window film. 

We provide a range of window films such as;

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Window film is a thin material, usually made of polyester, in multiple layers, and treated with reflective coatings. Window films reduce heat from the sun, reduce glare, increase privacy, retain heat during winter and protect against UV rays.

Window films are the secret weapon against unwanted side effects of the sun. The window film contains metallics and dyes to reduce the effects of the sun and improve privacy during daylight hours.

Please visit our types of window film page. Most films we offer will include photos, a specification sheet and a description of what the film does but firstly, you need to identify what is your biggest issue?

Is your biggest issue solar heat gain?

you have problems with glare?

Do you require a film to insulate?

Are you wanting to reduce fade?

Do you want complete privacy or just daytime privacy?

Do you want to stop UV rays?

If the bubbles are very small and only noticeable up close, this is perfectly normal, although we try our best to squeegee out all the water under the window film during installation, it is impossible to get all the water out. The rest of the water under the window film will evaporate through the semi-permeable window film within 2-3 weeks after installation.

A small gap of 1-2mm between the window film and window edge is left. This is done to ensure the best fit possible. The window film can be cut right to the edge of the window on customer request although we don’t not recommend this.

There are many window film installers in the UK that will install external window film. We however do not. External window films are considerably more expensive to supply and install. They need great weather conditions to install e.g. It can’t be too sunny, can’t be raining, can’t be too windy. Furthermore, weather conditions don’t get hot enough to cause thermal stress glass breakage in the UK as opposed to far hotter countries such as the USA & Australia.

Unless you get a clear window film then yes all window films will make your room darker. This is the trade off for reducing the effects of the sun. Window films usually come with a number after their name such as Silver 20, the 20 represents the percentage of light transmitted through the window film. A standard window is around 70%. The darker the window film the better it performs. Please visit our range of window films page to see what various window films look like from the inside.

You can clean your window film with warm soapy water and a microfiber cloth. Dry the window after cleaning with a dry microfiber cloth. Do not touch the window film until 3 weeks after installation.

One way mirror window film provides daylight hours privacy. The reflective mirrored effect will appear on the side of the film that is exposed to a higher light level. Therefore, during daylight hours, this will be the exterior face of the film as (unless there are bright lights on inside the premises) this is the side of the film that is exposed to the greater level of light.

No, frosted window film provides complete privacy both day and night whilst still letting a lot of light in.

Yes mirrored window films can be seen through at night from the outside, as the light level drops outside and lights are turned on within a house. This is when blinds/ curtains are needed for privacy.

The cost of window film varies greatly from £4-£8 per square foot of glass depending on the type of film you choose and the difficulty of installation. If an installation is at height it makes it more difficult therefore more expensive. If a window is particularly large it is more expensive. Window film prices vary greatly, visit our types of window film page for a price range on each window film.

Window film applied to conservatory roof glass works fantastic. Conservatories get very hot in the summer and cold in the winter. A strong solar film can reduce temperatures by 5-10 degrees in summer and increase temperatures in winter by 1-3 degrees.

Yes, window films are fantastic at reducing heat from the sun, but also retain heat from the inside during winter. A medium strength window film is usually all that is needed to achieve the results customers desire.

Yes, other than a frosted window film or blackout window film, they are perfectly clear to see through from the inside.

For complete day and night privacy we suggest frosted window film and for daytime privacy there are numerous films for this. Check out our range of window films.

Please contact us with measurements of windows and the problems you want to solve. Please check out our range of window films. You can pick from there or if you have a particular window film in mind then let us know. Once you have settled on a few window films we will send a quote.

No, not always. For large jobs we will do this. For smaller jobs we will just request measurements of the glass and the type of window film you are interested in.

This depends on the problems you want to solve. For solar & heat problems we offer a mirrored or non mirrored solar film in differing percentages. For privacy we offer mirrored, non mirrored, neutral and frosted window films. For UV rays all window films block out almost 99% of UV rays.

The windows are cleaned thoroughly. A water with lubricant is sprayed on the window, the window film is placed on the window and with a squeegee press on the window film to activate the adhesion. The window film is then trimmed and dried. 

Please ensure that we have clear access to your windows. This includes moving any desks away from the glass as well as clearing all window sills. Our window film fitters will bring dustsheets to cover any items near to the window, but if you can give clear access, your installation will go smoothly.

Window films now last upwards of 10 years, the quality of window film is getting better each and every year. I have personally fit window film on my house 10+ years ago and it still looks the same as the day it was fit. 

No, as we cannot ensure the quality of the window film.

Privacy Window Film Rochdale

Large glass windowpanes are great design elements for homes and commercial properties. But with such windows, privacy can be an issue. Prestige Window Tints & Film offers durable window films that can help increase privacy in your Rochdale property while still letting in an optimal amount of natural light. 

Prestige Window Tints & Film has the knowledge and experience to help you decide on the perfect film for you. Call now 0800 612 4811 to setup an appointment!

Privacy Window Film
Inside Looking Out
Outside Looking In

You have multiple options to enhance privacy in your home or shop. For instance, you can add curtains or blinds to your windows. These options, however, can block your visibility to the outdoor environment and limit natural light, causing your interior space to look too drab and dark. Window films, on the other hand, can do the job of improving your property’s privacy without ruining its aesthetic appeal.

On top of that, privacy window films come with many other benefits:

1. Protection against too much sunlight

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can be damaging to the eyes, skin and even furniture. Protect your family or staff against harmful effects of UV rays by simply installing privacy films on all your windows.

2. Electricity savings

Privacy window films provide an extra layer of insulation to your property, helping to control indoor temperatures all-year-round.

3. Increased resistance to glass breakage

Made with polyethene terephthalate, privacy window films have impressive shock-absorption properties. They can keep the glass from shattering too easily during an attempted break in or vandalism, fire or extreme weather.

Frosted Window Film Rochdale

There are various forms of privacy window films available today. One of the most popular is the frosted window film. Some window films make it impossible to see in or out and others make it impossible to see in but do not obstruct your view looking out. Frosted window films, on the other hand, make it impossible to see through the pane, but do not prevent light from penetrating. In Rochdale homes, you are most likely to find frosted window films in the WC or on basement windows.

Prestige Window Tints & Film have been installing frosted window film for more than 20 years. We have an unmatched level of experience and expertise and make customer satisfaction our primary goal. If you are contemplating privacy window film solutions for your home, consider frosted window film from Prestige Window Tints & Film.

Call Prestige Window Tints on 0800 612 4811 to discuss your frosted window film.

Discreet and Effective – Frosted window film provides a discreet and tasteful way to prevent prying eyes from prying. Unlike blackout films, they meld with a variety of decors without calling undue attention to themselves. Despite their low profile, they are 100% effective.

Energy Savings – Today’s frosted window films are capable of preventing solar heat from penetrating and creating heat spikes. They will also filter out UV rays and prevent your valuable furniture from being ruined.

Enhanced Security – If a would-be burglar is unable to see into your home, they’re unable to size it up for a later visit. Privacy films are a great way to prevent your home being ‘cased’ by professional thieves.

Enhanced Safety – Window films prevent broken windows from sending a shower of dangerous shards into your house. They also make clean-up from broken windows faster and easier.

Mirrored Window Film Rochdale

Prestige Window Tints & Film is a professional installation service in Rochdale. We provide high-quality mirrored window film for residential and commercial spaces. With our products and expert advice, you can rest assured that you’re getting the window film that exactly meets your needs.

Excessive amounts of sunlight cause irreversible damage to the interior of any space. The bleaching effect of sunlight causes severe fading and discolouration in furniture, carpets, flooring, and even walls. The heat that radiates from sunlight also causes some type of damage on material like wood and leather. Repairing or replacing these will cost time and money that could be put to better use. Mirrored window film provides great privacy, reduction in heat and glare whilst looking stylish.

Prestige Window Tints & Film has over 20 years experience with a wealth of knowledge and a large collection of window films  we are sure to have the right window film for you and your needs. All consultations, quotations and questions are free so call now 0800 612 4811 to setup an appointment! 

  • Reduced Utility Costs

    Big glass windows are practical for residential and commercial spaces. These allow you to be less reliant on artificial light and heating/cooling sources. Properly installed window film will help you save on utility expenses and improve your space’s energy efficiency. The laminate’s ability to regulate temperature will keep excessive heat out in the summer. On the other hand, it will retain heat during the winter. Our film’s transparency lets you enjoy ample sunlight without the usual heat and glare.

    Enhanced Security

    Our UV window film is highly durable and shock absorbent. It will slow down the depreciation process of your windows while reinforcing them. Solar window film has improved tensile strength which prevents the glass underneath from easily breaking under pressure. Since it is hard to break, vandals will likely be discouraged from trespassing. Additionally, you can use this distraction as an opportunity to contact the authorities. High-quality window film will keep the glass together even when it cracks or shatters, preventing the shards from littering your floor.

One-Way Mirrored Window Film

Security Window Film Rochdale

Our high-quality security window film is designed to offer industry-leading protection to homeowners and business owners alike. Suitable for both commercial and residential properties, it can be quickly applied by our team of expert installers and comes with a 10-year guarantee against defects. As it is a laminate film, it provides excellent protection against unexpected impacts. In the event of an impact, the glass in your windows will break but not shatter, making your property safer for occupants and more secure against intruders. Wherever you are in Rochdale, you can call and arrange for our team to visit and measure your windows, and discuss your requirements in detail.

Prestige Window Tints & Film can help you decide whether security window film is right for you, Call 0800 612 4811 to discuss.

  • In addition to preventing windows from shattering on impact, our security film will make it harder to break your windows in the first place, thanks to its shock absorbency properties. Furthermore, it will ensure that in the event of a bomb blast, your windows will fall in one piece rather than in many sharp pieces. The anti-graffiti properties of our security window film in Northampton make it ideal for use in schools and other institutions where graffiti may be an ongoing problem. In common with our other window film products, our security window film blocks most UV rays and reduces the amount of heat from the sun that is able to enter your property through the windows, making your building more energy-efficient. Acting as an extra layer of insulation in the winter, it also helps to retain more heat in the colder months of the year.

security window film

Solar Window Film Rochdale

Prestige Window Tints & Film In Rochdale provides leading-edge window film and installation services for homes great and small. Rochdale receives brilliant, intense sunlight many days of the year and without some measure of protection furniture, carpets, artwork and more can fall victim to the sun’s UV rays. At the same time, intense sunlight streaming through windows can leave your home feeling hot and stuffy. The answer? Solar window film.

Looking to cool your home with solar window film? Or cool your office with solar window film? Prestige Window Tints & Film has the knowledge and experience to help you decide on the perfect film for you. Call now 0800 612 4811 to setup an appointment.

Solar window film is affordable and easy to install. It provides an array of benefits that include:

Greater Privacy – We live in a time when personal privacy is becoming ever harder to maintain. Solar window films are a simple way to keep prying eyes at bay.

Energy Savings – Solar window films eliminate heat spikes, which reduces the amount of time fans or air conditioning is running. Less stress on the HVAC system also means fewer maintenance and repair visits.

Enhanced Safety – Window films prevent glass from flying off in every direction should a window be broken. This also makes clean-up and repair of the busted window much faster and simpler.

solar window film

Conservatory Window Films Rochdale

With two decades of experience in the window film industry, we are ideally placed to help local homeowners and businesses in Rochdale choose the perfect conservatory window film for their windows. Designed and manufactured to exacting specifications, our conservatory window films block over 99% of the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun, protecting both you and the contents of your home on a year-round basis. Whether you would like to find out how much it will cost to have conservatory window film installed on all the windows in your home, or just in certain rooms, please feel free to call and request a home visit by one of our window film professionals.

Prestige Window Tints & Film has the knowledge and experience to help you decide on the perfect film for you and your conservatory. Call now 0800 612 4811 to discuss your options.

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How Window Film Can Help Your Rochdale Conservatory

Our Conservatory Window Film in Rochdale Provides Many Benefits

The primary function of our conservatory window film is to block harmful UV rays, which, in addition to being potentially dangerous to the occupants of your home or business premises, will fade any furnishings that are in direct sunlight for any length of time during the course of each day. However, our film also provides other benefits, such as improved insulation in both summer and winter, reduced glare on TV screens and greater security for your home (owing to the fact it is not possible for people to see inside your home once it is installed).

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