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We are a leading window film supply and installation company, offering you convenient, professional solutions In Warrington. With quality products, flawless application and a focus on service, we make sure every customer enjoys a straightforward journey towards better windows. Nearby St Helens is also popular for window film, Window Film In St Helens.

We provide a range of window films such as;

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Privacy Window Film Warrington

The digital age is one of marvels. But everything has its downside and one of the biggest downsides to the high-tech world is the loss of privacy. Surveillance cameras, smartphones, drones, and more have eaten away at our ability to maintain a private life. Fortunately, privacy window films from Prestige Window Tints allow you to retain your privacy when in the sanctity of your own Warrington home or business. Popularity of window film is growing in Cheshire and Northwich is no exclusion, Window Film In Northwich.

Prestige Window Tints has the knowledge and experience to help you decide on the perfect film for you. Call now 0800 612 4811 to setup an appointment!

One-Way Privacy Window Film
Inside Looking Out
Outside Looking In

Privacy window films represent a cost-effective means of securing your home from unwanted intrusion. But their advantages extend beyond securing your home from prying eyes and include:

  • Flexibility – With privacy window films, you can choose whatever window treatments you wish. You may also change those treatments at any time without impacting the ability of the privacy films to do their job.
  • Energy Savings – The privacy film laminate helps repel solar heat in the summer and retain interior heat during the winter. The result: lower energy bills year-round and less strain on your HVAC system.
  • Affordability – High-quality drapery can be very expensive to purchase and maintain. Likewise, blinds are quite expensive and prevent you from seeing out when they’re deployed. Window films are the cost-effective solution to privacy issues that require no maintenance.

Prestige Window Tints provides privacy window film in Warrington and can be installed on any type of residential or commercial building.

Frosted Window Film Warrington

Home and business owners who require a high-quality privacy film that lets in natural light whilst making it impossible to see through the windows to which it is applied will find our frosted window film meets all their needs at an exceptionally competitive price. We have been supplying and installing our premium frosted window film in Warrington since 2000.

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The main reason that people choose frosted window film for their homes and business premises in Warrington is to ensure they can enjoy complete privacy in the rooms in which the film is installed. As well as ensuring complete privacy, our frosted window film provides several other important benefits:

  • Added Insulation – The laminate film provides extra insulation, keeping your property warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • UV Protection – Our window film blocks a high percentage of UV light, preventing it from fading your furniture and carpeting.
  • Extra Strength – When our laminate frosted film is applied to your windows, it forms a bond that strengthens the panes of glass, making them less likely to shatter when subjected to heavy blows.

Mirrored Window Film Warrington

Enhance security in your home or business with Prestige Window Tints mirrored window films in Warrington. Sleek and stylish, our mirrored window films offer an all-in-one solution for privacy, heat reduction and glare control. We offer single-day installation with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Direct sunlight can bring many unwanted issues that go beyond mere glare and heat. The sun emits ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can fade nearly anything inside your home or business establishment. Your furniture, flooring and carpet may lose their beauty when you leave them exposed to the harsh rays of the sun.

Prestige Window Tints has over 30 years experience with a wealth of knowledge and a large collection of window films  we are sure to have the right window film for you and your needs. All consultations, quotations and questions are free so call now 0800 612 4811 to setup an appointment! 

Mirrored film prevents people from peering into your building from the outside, increasing privacy and removing the need for blinds and curtains. Unlike bars and shutters, window films can be used on large windows common in commercial buildings.

We utilise long-lasting mirrored window films specifically designed to lower heat and glare by as much as 85%. The film also allows excellent levels of natural light to penetrate the glass, preventing interiors from looking dark or gloomy.

One-Way Mirrored Window Film

Security Window Film Warrington

Applying a high-quality security film to all of your windows is a relatively inexpensive yet effective way to improve the security and safety of your property. Our quality security window film is suitable for residential, industrial and commercial properties in all areas of Warrington and can be installed in a few short hours, making it a great choice for home and business owners who would like to address security and safety issues in their properties as soon as possible. 

Once we have measured your windows and discussed your requirements, we will be able to prepare an accurate quotation. Prestige Window Tints can help you decide whether security window film is right for you, Call 0800 612 4811 to discuss.

Because our window film forms a strong bond with the glass panes to which it is applied, it stops broken panes from shattering, making your home or business premises a much safer place. The laminate film also absorbs shocks, which means that in some cases, it may prevent a pane from breaking when it is accidentally knocked. Whether safety or security is your main concern, our security film represents an affordable and effective solution.

security window film

Solar Window Film Warrington

When people think about shade and privacy for their windows, most people would go for blinds. However, blinds can be dangerous and high-maintenance. A solar window film provides light control, glare reduction and privacy minus the hazards and hassle.

At Prestige Window Tints, we are passionate about helping improve your property through window films. Our firm has over 20 years of experience in servicing both commercial and residential buildings all over the UK. By choosing us, you are entrusing your project to trusted and seasoned experts.

Looking to cool your home with solar window film? Or cool your office with solar office window film? Prestige Window Tints has the knowledge and experience to help you decide on the perfect film for you. Call now 0800 612 4811 to setup an appointment!

Solar window films have many benefits aside from being an optimal replacement for drapes, blinds and curtains.

    • Cutting energy costs. Solar window films provide insulation while naturally lighting up the room. They keep your space cool during summer and warm during winter, helping you saves energy on cooling and heating. You can also keep your lights off as long as natural light flows into your space.
    • Providing better privacy. Window films allow you to see outside your property but obstruct the view of outsiders.
    • Preventing sun damage. UV rays are bad for your health and your furniture. Since solar window films filter them out, your space gets natural light in the safest way.
    • Decorative edge. Window films provide a modern, clean and stylish appeal to your property, which can improve its resale value.
solar window film

Conservatory Window Films Warrington

Conservatories are a popular way to extend your home without breaking the bank to do it. But if the conservatory environment is not properly managed, it can be something less than hospitable. Conservatory window films are an ideal way to put the finishing touch on your conservatory. And Prestige Window Tints is the most trusted supplier and installer of conservatory window films in Warrington and beyond.

Prestige Window Tints has the knowledge and experience to help you decide on the perfect film for you and your conservatory. Call now 0800 612 4811 to discuss your options.

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How Window Film Can Help Your Warrington Conservatory

The conservatory is a one of a kind space. It rides the line between indoors and outdoors and provides unique opportunities for relaxation, contemplation and enjoyment. But it is not without its downside. Here are some of the issues that arise with conservatories that can be effectively addressed by window films from Prestige Window Tints:

  • Privacy – A conservatory is the ultimate glasshouse. As such, depending on where you are located, you may be subjected to multiple sets of prying eyes while trying to relax. Conservatory window films for Warrington homeowners can block those prying eyes without altering the design or feel of the conservatory environment.
  • Heat – A conservatory is essentially a hothouse. And they can get very hot indeed. But they don’t have to. Conservatory window films can prevent most solar heat from penetrating the windows and help maintain a stable, comfortable environment.
  • Glare – When the sun is beating down through the conservatory windows, the glare inside can be blinding at times. Window films can go a long way toward negating this glare.
  • UV protection – UV rays can make short work of rugs and furniture inside a conservatory. That is unless you have installed conservatory window films from Prestige Window Tints. They can filter out nearly 100% of UV light.

Conservatory window film will put the finishing touch on your Warrington conservatory regardless of its size, age or style.

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